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Published Jul 17, 2018

The NUNYA! Clan Gaming Community

By Scottzilla a - Posted Mar 22, 17

The NUNYA! Clan all started with BF Vietnam. There were 4 of us that played every night and died a lot!

FlOyD, Cheerios, Tater Salad, Nofeer and TommyBoy! We played as a team, and we had a huge amount of laughs. Then we transitioned into a new game.

The NUNYA! Clan Gaming Community was conceived on the release of BF2! I put the word NUNYA! as a bogus Clan tag to keep other Clans from recruiting me in game. I spent more time typing than I did playing. We established new relationships with the squad feature in BF2 and BAM I had a Clan!

I would spend the round in an A.P.C. and my squad would fill up fast. I noticed after a week or 2, the same players were joining my squad. That group was, BlueCow, Saurdo and Simmage. They asked if they could join my made up clan, I simply replied, "What Clan”? They would ask to go to my “made up clan” Website, I explained, I don’t have one. Saurdo said give me a week and you will have one.

Like the Public population that comes to our server we had looked for a home for the newly formed Clan to play as a TEAM! We played in a popular server nightly and decided that their rules were a little harsh, at that moment the collective wheels began to turn. This thought process resulted in the Clan deciding to start our own server.

We have continued to grow and are appreciative that many new players show an interest in joining NUNYA CLAN GAMING, and our recruiting will carry on. The NUNYA! Nation has ballooned to over 55 members and counting!

Should you have any recruiting questions, please email our recruitment officer at:

It’s about the “FUN” and the “Friendships” and of course the games we play. We laugh at ourselves and others because it’s all about competing and the fun!
Knucklehead (FlOyD)

NUNYA BF4 Server Rules

1)   No Flying Choppers, Planes or using Armor in Back-to-Back Maps.  Please allow others to have a chance.  This also prevents experts from dominating the air and ground every map.

2)   No Ramming of Aircraft Into Other Aircraft or Ground Vehicles.  We know accidents happen, but reoccuring incidents are no accident.

3)   Do Not Disrespect the Admins.  They try to ballance and deal with in-game issues as best as they can.  It is NOT the Admins responsibility to prove any 'haccusations'.  If you suspect a player of cheating / hacking then it is up to you to check them out efore reporting them to us.  It is not hard to check players out.

4)    No Attacking or Shooting Into or Out of the Uncaps (Main Base).

5)    Do Not Disrupt the Server or In-Game Play.  If you are bothering other players or the game play, action may be taken accordingly.

6)    No Racial or Homophobic Slurs.

* Admins can and will use their best judgement and their decisions are final.

Violations to the server rules may result in being warned, kicked or banned from the server.  Repeat violations may result in a lifetime ban.

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